Our story

18th January 2013, Mumbai.

Lights..The moon
Camera.. The dreamy eyes
Sound..The silence of the night.

The camera started rolling and so did the story of Ghaav films with its first project "Inset" generated by just the last word, 'Action!' It was a magnetic force, which pulled the best talents towards it only to project something extraordinary. A team, energised by youth, specialised in all fields of film making, including the capture of the tiniest glimpses through photography to the smartest cuts through editing.

ghaav films

To leave a mark on the mind of the audience.

Capturing the real cells into reel pixels.

Box Office

Hard work is secondary, passion is primary. Watch our passion creating wonders only in motion.

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Our Reel

Every action is a million moments in slow motion.

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The story is told, the curtains have fallen, it's your turn to be critiques.

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B: 502, 5th Floor, Saifee Park, Opp. Post Office, Mazgaon, Mumbai- 400 010

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